The biggest phucking phag on the planet.
Dude, Rustynail is the biggest phucking phag on the planet!
by BillyRayJohnson February 05, 2004
A penis covered in feces, usually from anal sex.
"I was getting some backdoor action last night and when I pulled out I had one rusty nail."
by Mr. Hardware July 29, 2008
He is some kinda odd creature who wears leather pants with a silk sexually confused likes to burp very loudly to attract mexicoons and raccoons Opens funhole every widely for random travelers who need to unleash a deadly STD
Rusty Nails got a lodda STD's HEHAHEHA MWA. HAHA Yo funhole got ripped open mwhhaha
by Whoopy Fee March 16, 2004
The greatest gamer to ever grace the world of gaming on the gaming 'net. GAMER. (/serial rapist/computer enthusiast/obese)

Louis and BRJ look up to him. He is.... their God.

RustyNail can be found in TFC and Battlegrounds.
"Bro, who iz dat fuken faget dat's owning me?"
"Thaz RustyNail, brah."
by liaNytsuR April 21, 2004
To pee into a bitches butt during anal sex.
My boy Roofus hooked up Shaniqua with a rusty nail last night, cleaned her right out.
by Action On Time September 07, 2007
Switching from Anal to Vaginal
Yo I was buttfucking this girl when I pulled out & started nailing her pussy and that dick looked like a rusty nail, literally
by DudeManBroGuy February 02, 2007
An Irish fool; typically given the name Bill cassidy at Birth.
Hay have you herd from the rusty nail?
Hay rusty nail how the hell are ya?
Did you here; rusty nail gave that guy a rusty nail.
by trizz March 30, 2004

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