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A condition created when your menstrual chick won't let you bang her with the lights on, you splooge, then go to the bathroom, flip on the light and your pud is covered in blood - you've been given a "Rusty Musket"
Penelope wouldn't let me bang her with the lights on so I pounded her pink palpitating pudding until it proplapsed, but she got even, she gave me a "Rusty Musket".
by Bwana B. February 05, 2007
The act of pulling out after vaginal intercourse and ejaculating on the anus , quickly followed by ramming the semen deep into the anal cavity with a few thrusts of the penis.
Before sex she told me not to get her pregnant and that she did not swallow, so really the only other option was the rusty musket.
by 1Munkie1 May 02, 2011

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