when you don't wipe you ass good enough and it itches.
James: "My ass itches!"
Chris: "Go wipe your ass, you have a rusty gate."
by Bognanna April 06, 2006
Top Definition
The red haired guy who was used in the marketing and advertising of arrows, a popular computer company in Australia. He was dressed as the typical nerd - greasy, glasses, red hair and bad taste of clothing. Using Gates as his last name is ofcourse, as far as i can see, a way of associating this person with Bill Gates.
Mark: Dude, dude! That guy over there looks like rusty gates.
Josh: Rusty, Rusty! I love you!
Mark: Hahahah i heard you and him had a casual relationship.
Josh: Lets just say he knows how to keep a customer happy.
by Mummas July 10, 2006
Pathetic, greasy "actor" with no talent whatsoever. Is a complete sell out and insults every person in the computing profession in ads for a dodgy computer company by the name of "arrow computers".

Every ad plays on stereotypes and "rusty" with his ginger hair, pale skin and thick rimmed glasses oozes dodgy salesman (which is accurate as Arrow are renowned for their slick ads and poor quality products).

For comparison reasons these ads are more annoying and frustrating than Jamsta/Jamba crazy frog ads purely due to Rusty.
"Hi I'm Rusty Gates and I'm a giant faggot buy this shit computer"
by MnSa March 19, 2007
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