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A combination on the Rusty Trombone, (a sexual position in which a girl licks the man's asshole while giving him hand relief from behind), and The Blumpkin (a sexual position in which a man takes a dump and simultaneously receives oral pleasure). A modified toilet or a lot of creativity is required.
I received a quite satisfying Rusty Tromblumpkin last night!

I wish I had time for a Rusty Tromblumpkin!

Rusty Tromblumpkins are quite addictive!
by Jason Walburn February 20, 2008
A mixture between a rusty trombone and a blumpkin.

In a Rusty Tromblumpkin, the male recieves a hand job while depositing feces directly into another person's mouth.
No one talked to Catye anymore since her mouth reeked of feces from giving Matt a Rusty Tromblumpkin.
by Dan Stover January 16, 2008
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