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When you bust on a bitches face and hit her in the face from the left with your dick. If you poke her in the eye its a double. If you give her a bloodly nose its a homerun. If you knock her out its a Grandslam. if she catches it her mouth its an out.

From Heavens Fury
Dude I totally rusty staub that bitch last night. What I love about the rustyrusty staub is that even when your out you win.
by Heaven's Fury August 02, 2010
2 Words related to Rusty Staub
A "pinch-hit" is when you are sneaking out to fuck some skank and ask a buddy to sneak in and be there with your girlfriend/wife in case she wakes up, so that she won't wonder where you are.

A "Rusty Staub" is when its a buddy who hasn't had sex in a while, and he ends up waking her up and fucking her brains out.

Often she'll end up leaving you for him.
"She's she's leaving me bro! Why did you have to go and rusty staub her like that asshole!?"
by bp yo March 29, 2010

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