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Similar to a 'Wet Willie', but instead you stick your finger up your but, then the persons ear
John gave me a Wet Willie yesterday, so i got him back with a Rusty Screwdriver!
by scarywolf91 March 19, 2008
A promiscuous redhead who "screws around" a lot; a skank, a slut, a man-whore.
"You might think that ginger's interested in you, Steve, but she's just a rusty screwdriver."
by UserNameHere! October 10, 2011
an alcoholic beverage consisting of Sunny D and Vodka
Man, I am so hungover from drinking all those rusty screwdrivers.
by cubanluis March 16, 2008
gay anal sex w/o a condomn
joe got a rusty screwdriver last night in prison, he must have dropped the soap
by john gilboy September 06, 2006

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