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When two women grind vaginas while menstrating.
"Who would like some rusty scissors?"
by ShazzertotheJkill November 05, 2009
The Rusty Scissor is a derivative of the so called "scissor action" of lesbian sexual intercourse (see "Scissoring"). The Rusty Scissor occurs while one or both partners are on their periods.
Jill and Jan had dated long enough to synchronize their periods, so for days out of every month they were force to engage in Rusty Scissoring, the aftermath of these encounters looked like a home abortion had been performed.
by .:origin:. March 25, 2009
The act of two lesbians scissoring while simultaneously shitting on each other. The added substance creates a "rusty-looking" layer of lubricant that enhances the experience.
I walk in on Laura and Sally performing the "rusty scissor" the other night.
by james b. jones January 03, 2011
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