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A fat ginger, who never shuts the fuck up. Is annoying and has very very red hair. Rusty Dipasquale's are also stupid and fail most of their classes. Are decent at snowboarding and are never getting any pussy or going anywhere in life besides a beaten up chair that they got from Salvation Army, sitting drinking PBR, and smoking shwagg. Also has tendencies to fall asleep while smoking weed. Overall if you are a Rusty Dipasquale you are a fail at life, a very big insult, and is related to a Rusty Trombone cause the only pussy they ever get are their mom's.
Dude don't be such a Rusty Dipasquale! I don't wanna hang out with a dumb fat ginger kid! Atlest be a cool ginger!
by rambokillabitch November 19, 2010

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