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1. A curly, red-headed fuck who thinks he's really cool, but in reality is a huge loser and sucks at every aspect of his life. Except for sucking. He's good at that.

2. A 20 year old man who thinks its socially acceptable to date a 15 year old girl because "she looks older than 15."

3. A fag who spends all of his free time playing videos games (Halo, Pokemon, Mario, etc.) and/or getting drunk by himself.

4. Has a hard time finding a somewhat attractive girlfriend, and when he finally finds one, he enjoys cheating on her with bisexuals or really fat, ugly girls.

5. A guy who thinks he can get away with anything in a relationship, and when is super hot girlfriend finds a super sexy country boy, he cries like a baby because he realizes what an idiot he is.

6. Thinks that lasting in bed for two minutes everytime means he's really good in bed.

7. Showers once, MAYBE twice a week.

8. Has a huge ratty red fro.

9. Is sexually confused.

10. Enjoys threatening his ex's new boyfriend, even though he has never been in a fight in his life, and the guy he is threatening is trained to kill someone with his bare hands and owns lots of guns and knives.

11. Thinks he is really sexy. (he WAS at one point, before he got fat and hairy- just because you were hot at one point, doesn't mean you are now.)

12. When he makes out, he suffacates you and chokes you with his tongue, and leaves slobber all over your face when he's done.
"Man, that really gross guy reminds me of Rusty Brooks."

"That drunken fool crying on the floor is such a Rusty Brooks."

"His butthole was so tight, just like Rusty Brooks."

"My boyfriend only lasted for three seconds last night... he's such a Rusty Brooks"

"Hey, I'm going to pull a Rusty Brooks tonight and get drunk alone and pass out naked with the video game still on the TV."
by You're a loser March 31, 2009
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