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Anal sex done in a full bath tub with the recipient face down. The recipient must be using a snorkel in order to breath (for now). Just before ejaculating plug the snorkel hole providing asphyxiation and a tightening anus whilst feeling confined. Try it... its a slam dunk every time!
John: what are doing hun?
Jane: Just running a bath sweetie.
John: Well grab your snorkel because your getting a Russian submarine tonight!!
Jane Oh John I can't wait... I love you!
by Ramdin26 August 10, 2009
The act of taking a shit and freezing it, then proceeding to perform sexual intercourse whit the frozen dookie (the shit).
"The dildos were on high demand, so Shaqueefah decided to make a russian submarine."
by Seymoure Assholes April 01, 2007
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