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a.k.a. A "Serj" Breakfast

Where, after a long night of heavy drinking, one decides to take a shot, pint, chug etc ... of Vodka.

- Not to be confused with the sex act.
- Not a good cure for a hangover.
- Will not make the damage to your house the night before go away.
Hangover Patient 1 -
"Wow, I dont remember last night .. OH GOD, MY HEAD!!!"

Hangover Patient 2 -
"Dude, he is downing Vodka first thing in the morning??!"

Hangover Patient 1 -

"... Russian Breakfast ... Brave"
by RyRy28 May 09, 2010
the act of cracking an egg onto a vagina, and optionally some crumbled bacon, and licking it off
Mrs. Obama and i had a nice russian breakfast
by Tim Fucksalot March 31, 2010
drinking vodka with your cereal of choice
"dude i got hammered of my Russian breakfast, I had fruit-loops."
by loco30k February 10, 2015

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