A name that is Trukic and means "lion". It was given the deffinition lion because anyone who has Ruslan as a name is automatically beast and fucks chicks all day and night long...can also mean receiver of oral sex. People with this name also have a higher tendencies to puke in friends bathrooms because they drink 3 and 1/2 glasses of mountain dew on game night. People with the name Ruslan are fucking beast and pwn noobs, and are probly in your moms bedroom motorboating her!
Dude Ruslan is beast and wait a minute he's fucking my girlfriend.
Well I could go Ruslan on your ass but then you would officially be fucked in the ass.
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by Russianruru February 14, 2011
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A Slavic name most common in Russia (e.g. the opera "Ruslan and Ludmila"), but also in Bulgaria, Ukraine, etc.

The name originally comes from Rostam, a national hero in Iranian mythology. It was later borrowed by Turkic peoples as Arslan or Aslan, and subsequently by Russian people as Yeruslan, from which the modern name comes.

The meaning of this name is "lion", and a small number of sources give an etymology of "big".
Person: Hey, what's your name?

Ruslan: I'm Ruslan, nice to meet you.

Person: Ooh, govorite po russkiy?

Ruslan: Nah, sorry, I'm from Bulgaria.

Person: Oh.
#russlan #rouslan #ruslaan #slavic #russian #bulgarian
by Homonym15 February 07, 2010
my favorite asian ever.
ruslan = AZN INVZN
#ruslan #asian #azn #invzn #favorite
by j3llyfishhhbutt April 13, 2010
Derived from the the ancient Ukrainian language
Literally translated to "Giver of Oral Sex" in English
George: Sht I heard that btich Amy was a mean ass Ruslan

Kyryll: ?

George: She gives head dude

Kyryll: So that's why Erin was calling me that :sadto:
#kyryll #ruslan #vasylenko #ukrain #head #dick #suck
by BX BIIIIITCH! January 10, 2011
Word used in qubai language, means to block someone's chances of getting laid, aka cockblocking.
I. Hey mark I didn't mean to ruslan you back there with that girl, sorry bud.

Ii. Hey cousin I really like this girl, so can you back off and not ruslan me.
#ruslan #cockblock #steal #impose #introd
by zackheron May 04, 2010
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