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I. A term of endearment from the Welsh valleys although it has found roots within Pembrokeshire, Reading, London and Lincolshire amongst other places. This can be shortened to Rushie, Butt, Butty, Rushbut, Rushden, Rushminder, Rushdie or just Rush.
The term can also feature as a prefix or suffix i.e. Rush-dog, Mini-rush.
II. The name of a famous Welsh spy famous for sneaking and having his brews shaken not stirred!
N.B. This should not be confused with the rushy-rushy-butt-butt song, a famous eighties power ballad.
"The name's Butt...Rushey-rushey-butt-butt"
"Rushden, your breeeew's getting cold"
"Rush, you 'orrible ngngng"
"Sorry I used your shaver to trim my pubes Rushie"
by Clompdog May 12, 2009

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