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rush lindbarr: (Noun,verb)
1) the dizzy feeling you have when get up from the bar from having too much drinks.
2)When making or creating a poltical statement that do not make any sense at all...mocking rush limbaugh
3) The inncorrect spelling of Rush Limbaugh
4) The act or action of objectifying a loud audience of women at once.
Man, I feel sick I shouldn't Rush lindbarr....

Man to friend: Thats not art thats my wife!
Friend: okay, rush Lindbarr.

Woman: Did ____,Our boss just rush linbarr us at that last conference?
Woman #2 : I believe he/she did, there is no way that women like us cause the recession based on bad stock deals, in fact we are great stock stock anyalsis.
by Xavier,the male feminist May 16, 2012
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