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Similar to an Urban Legend a Rural Legend is a popular myth or conspiracy theory that has become widely disseminated. A Rural Legend differs in that it is widely propagated amongst right wing conservatives, libertarians, evangelicals and government conspiracy theorists who often tend to be found in rural areas. Like an urban legend it is either a gross distortion of the truth or is all together fabricated.
HB(House Bill) 1388 is an Rural Legend claiming that the US congress secretly passed a bill that negates the 1st and 2d amendments. Some variations claim that it allows for the resettlement of displaced Palestinians and members of Hamas into the United States.

Other Rural legends are that president Barack Obama is not a natural US citizen but instead some form of Islamic "Manchurian candidate" or even the "antichrist"

Another claims that FEMA is building internment camps in remote locations of the United States to house dissidents and other "enemies of the state"

Countless other examples abound and many are taken seriously by ill informed and paranoid people. The recent surge in firearms sales in the United States can be seen as a result of rural legends.
by swaino July 02, 2009
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