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A small stupid person who is used as a friendship group's punching bag. He also thinks he's better than all of the others, so constantly believes he'll do better working on the night of a great celebration than going out with the lads, however he'll always get a DUDE. And his girlfriend resembles a guy you once knew, but don't know where from.
1) Be a Rupert Pooper and let us push in a shopping trolley down a hill.
2) Lad #1: "Come out with us for New Years Eve!!"
Lad #2: "No thank you, I will be trying to improve my 2 Ds, 1 E and a U. By staying awake until 4am and playing Black Ops"
Lad #1: "You are a massive faggot, Rupert Pooper"
3) "Doesn't your girlfriend look a little like Malcolm"
by Greasy Boots December 29, 2011
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