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A Runescape player is simply someone who plays Runescape, a game created by Jagex. The players ages range from about 13-42 year olds. If you play or ever play Runescape, I recommend not helping players, EVER. If you help a person find a town, give them some item(s), help them or a quest, etc., there's about a 50% (plus 1% for every level below 50) chance this person will add you as a friend and bug you constantly for free items, quest help, or money.

If someone asks for help, it's best to just say "Sorry, I no english speak" or something similar.
Runescape player: Hey u.
You: What?
Runescape player: Can u take me 2 fally im lost.
You: Sure, I guess.
*Four minutes later*
You: Here we are.
Runescape player: Ty
You: Yw
*Two days later*
Runescape player: Can u get me free rune armor?
by lordave April 25, 2007
i loser with no life and has no friends. Sits on this lame ass game for hours on end
runescape player says I cant come out this friday night i have to pwn some cows with my rune dagger
by i cant tell you December 10, 2006
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