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Taking a taxi and then running away at the end of the fare to avoid paying. Usually done at the end of a brannigan or in conjunction with other drunken activities such as pirate bobbing
see also: dine and dash
This guy: Damn Tyrone! How did you get home last night, you lost all your marbles at the craps tables over at Nasty Louises creamshop.
Tyrone: Dag yo, I tooks a runbun to the forested area outside of my cavedwelling so as to fool them authoritahs.
by The Snackmaster October 15, 2006
23 3
see bunson
by Plpa May 14, 2003
2 4
see Mr. Morb
bun is Mr. Morb
by hank May 14, 2003
9 21