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The state of the world as it is now where the world keeps getting hoter and hoter. It has been proven that if all carbon dioxide emission were to stop right now the world would contune to get warmer and it would take a thousand years for it to get back to normal. But as more carbon dioxide goes into the air it makes global warming go farward even faster. The world is getting warmer at a rate faster than computer models have predicted. There is now no ice in the artic ocean in the summer. It has been predicted that if it contunes in years to come the amazon rainforest will die first turn to grass land then to desert. The growing belts in the U.S. that grows a large part of the world's food will vanish and a global famine will result which will cause massive fighting between nations as they struggle for the limited food and water supply. With the politcal state of the world a nuclear war is not out of the question.
You have been warned. Hear me now believe me later.
by Deep blue 2012 April 01, 2010
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