The act of Blumpkins (taking a doodie while receiving a blowjob) from your grandma.
"Grandma, we both know that I finishing shitting a long time ago, but in order for this to be Rumpleblumpkins, you need to stop watching and give me a blow job, NOW."
by John Spazzi May 26, 2009
Top Definition
A variation of blumpkin in which the defecator is having explosive diarrhea
Pads decided that Mexican food would be a good start to an evening full of Rumpleblumpkin
by Corlett May 18, 2006
Getting a blumpkin while taking a die-reah and then back-flip kicking the shit out the bitch like Charlie from Street Fighter Alpha so she hits the ceiling. 10 more points if she lands in the toilet. Don't forget to scream "KUNGFU!!!!"
Some ho-bag was ho-baggin me while giving me a blumpkin, so I switched up and made it a rumple blumpkin.
by Spoof January 22, 2005

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