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The Rumer Achievement is a hidden easter egg on Xbox 360, only available on Call Of Duty: World at War. To get it, you must play WAW at least 20hrs non-stop. Also you must nail a chick with the last name Snow, i.e. Brittney Snow.

Steps to achieve the Rumer Achievement:
1. Buy COD5
2. Jizz on the disc
3. Insert disc into Xbox360
4. Get raped in 1v1 by RHZ2010
5. Play COD5 for 10 days
6. Nail a Snow girl (thus becoming Snow Plow).
7. Play another 5hrs
8. Suck off Corporal Keith
9. Play another 5hrs
10. Finally get the ultimate "Rumer Achievement" that is worth a whopping 0 points!

History: The Rumer achievement is named after a young man who plays xbox non-stop and nails fat chick in tents! and watches porn on netflix :p
Suck, suck, suck, jizzzzzzz..... ah hows that Corporal Keith? Only one more step before i get the Rumer Achievement!!!
by RHZ2010 June 29, 2009
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