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Noun-The Rules of Forfeit are the rules for any game that can be played with a friend.

1. The Rules of Forfeit state that whenever a person is not moving,contributing or playing the game. That person has exactly 5 minutes to make a move or do an action.

2. A person cannot keep making small advances to cancel the rules. Such as in the popular game of Hide n' Seek, the person who is it cannot stand there for 4 minutes then take a couple of steps and wait for the timer to go down again.

3. If a person has been forced to forfeit, they are disqualified from the game and will be known as, The Forfeiter.

4. As a punishment for a forfeiter, They get one item of there desire taken away at any time.
1."Hey, its been 5 minutes!"
"Your right, Emilios disqualified!"

2."No, please dont take my cake, i will never forfeit again!"

3."Perskys been taking forever!"
"You do realize that hes disqualified because of the Rules of Forfeit, right?"
by MasterCK March 11, 2009
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