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If it exists, there's a furry version of it
Check out this awesome rule 88 pic of Rammstein as foxes!
by Moonbarker Osbourne June 13, 2007
A rule of the internet that states "If it exists, there is a furry version of it."
I was looking at some FMA fanart and of course, Rule 88, there is a picture of Ed as a cat.
by AVeryBigBook February 29, 2008
Rule 88 states that in life you must 'Kill or be killed' and do whatever is necessary to survive. In short, survival of the fittest. This rule may also be known as Jimmi's Law.
"What is the meaning of life?"

"Rule 88, but some people call it Jimmi's Law."
by Jimmi Baez. February 26, 2008
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