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Rule 66 states that the cake is in fact a LIE !
Whats with the different rules, in one rule 66 is about dubstep and in other is about Portal?
by kz22 May 02, 2011
The 66th rule of the Internet, which states that if it exists, there is a dubstep remix of it.
Bob: "Man, I just heard this great song by the Streets!"
Joe: "Rule 66."
Bob: "Ok." *five minutes of searching SoundCloud
Bob: "Here you go."
Joe: "Hey, this is awesome!"
by SativaScott November 09, 2010
Rule 66 of the internet- Twisted Testicles is funny.
I've imortalized Cody as Rule 66
by Zoe-Alexis January 07, 2009