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The addendum to Rule 34 of the internet, stating that all cases of invoking Rule 34 are valid except upon Rule 34 itself. Therefore, according to this rule, there is or will be a porn of everything on the internet, except a porn of Rule 34 itself.
Requesting Rule 34 of Rule 34!

Answer: Rule 34a. Denied.
by Justin Jantzen March 07, 2008
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The extension of rule 34 that states that if no porn can be found of something, /b/ will make some.
newfag: I've searched everywhere for porn of an ostrich being raped by a hippopotamus. It doesn't exist and therefore rule 34 is wrong!

oldfag: Moron, rule 34A. (produces porn made in MS paint)
by Zell65 April 20, 2008
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The rule stating that the invocation of rule 34 invalidates rule 34.

Rule 34-A makes Rule 34 useless.

See rule 34
Guy1: OMG, I love Disney Movies
Guy2: RULE 34!!!1!1one!
Guy1: *smack* Rule 34A. No pr0n for you.
by Urtho January 26, 2008
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