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The 66th rule of the Internet, which states that if it exists, there is a dubstep remix of it.
Bob: "Man, I just heard this great song by the Streets!"
Joe: "Rule 66."
Bob: "Ok." *five minutes of searching SoundCloud
Bob: "Here you go."
Joe: "Hey, this is awesome!"
by SativaScott November 09, 2010
Rule 66 states that the cake is in fact a LIE !
Whats with the different rules, in one rule 66 is about dubstep and in other is about Portal?
by kz22 May 02, 2011
Rule 66 of the internet- Twisted Testicles is funny.
I've imortalized Cody as Rule 66
by Zoe-Alexis January 07, 2009