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This corollary to Rule 34 of the internet states that everything on the internet is porn to someone.
Noob: Oh my god, that car crash was horrible, there were bodies everywhere!

Gurofag: Pics or GTFO.

Noob: What? Why would you want to see that?

Gurofag: Rule 34D - I need fapping material.
by Drakzor February 01, 2011
In relationship to it's namesake, rule 34D states that for every song, there is a dubstep remix of said song.
Billy: Know what my favorite song is?
Kevin: Tell me, let's find a dubstep version of it!
Billy: Screw dubstep, it's just noise!
Kevin: There are 54 dubstep remixes of Barny's 'I Love You' song...
Billy: That's so lame, screw Rule 34D...
by Chamber12 May 02, 2011