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New rule of the internet stating that if there is a song there will be a hardcore version of that song, if not then one will be made.
Dude did you hear Woe is me made a screamo cover of tic tok by kesha.

yeah they totally rule 112'd it
by å√å†∑® April 17, 2011
Rule 112 of the Internet: Reddit always lies.
Reddit is a link sharing website where people post whatever they want. There's tons of crap spouted every day on there - but it'll never be as bad as 4chan.
Guy 1: Woh dude u herd the worlds ending tomorro?
Guy 2: Where'd you hear that, retard?
Guy 1: I herd it on reddit. reddits always right.
Guy 2: Rule 112 of the Internet, man: Reddit always lies.
by I am Not a Bot April 30, 2013
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