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When your partner (Male or Female) is kneeling down to or in the process of giving you a Blow Job, quickly push their head back and give them a hard knee to the jaw, then flip them over and quickly insert your penis into their asshole. when they start to yell at you kick them in the balls or give them a swift cunt punt and ejaculate in their eyes.
Damn! you gave her a Rudes before you broke up, fuckin harsh!
by mmmDelicious April 16, 2007
Two meanings, which completely contradict each other. Can be quite confusing for people who live in opposite hemispheres.

1. Something that is cool, hot or awesome.
2. Something that is stupid, dumb or emabarassing.
1. "Check out that guy's rude car! Yeahhhh!"

2a: "Dude, that t-shirt of yours is so rude!"

2b: "Shame bro, you had to be dropped off at school in your Dad's rude car!"
by KeeWee January 12, 2005
where something is, well fuckin amazin
thats a rude car over there
by Andy July 19, 2003
See mad.
This is some RUDE pot.
by Anonymous December 18, 2002
A response to let people know they are being rude.
Pete:You're a fatass.

Mike:Hey what's up?
Lenny:Nothing much.
by tricksie1234 November 29, 2010
Something that is unfair or uncool.
Wow...Matt cheated on Danielle? That's so rude.
by Jackie July 08, 2005
America, we're just so rude sometimes...
by the average american teenager March 11, 2011