Pertaining to ska music or culture, especially in the two-tone/second wave era.
"Those checkers are totally rude."
"The rude boys and rude girls skanked all night long to the English Beat."
by Rudeboy June 21, 2004
where something is, well fuckin amazin
thats a rude car over there
by Andy July 19, 2003
See mad.
This is some RUDE pot.
by Anonymous December 18, 2002
Something that is unfair or uncool.
Wow...Matt cheated on Danielle? That's so rude.
by Jackie July 08, 2005
to get too wild supporting radical habits , doing crazy shit without any regaurd for anyone else, wild ideas,
steven did you just throw my soda out the window at that guy walking his kids? Fuckin Rude!
by chevy octane March 29, 2015
T Mims.
Always bitchin and rude.
by Coonfingerin#1 February 19, 2015
America, we're just so rude sometimes...
by the average american teenager March 11, 2011

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