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In 2005 Jeep built a special edition Wrangler. It was an Unlimited(LJ) with the Rubicon option package AND an appearance package to promote the movie, "Sahara".

This second option package included special upholstery, a chrome grill, color matched fender flares, a khaki top, a set of Sahara badges on the fenders, tail light guards, and a special spare tire cover.

The official name of the vehicle became, "Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Sahara". This is a little long and drawn out. It has since been shortened to "Rubihara". There should be no confusion between this and other models as this Jeep was ONLY offered in the above configuration.
Billy: I just picked up a new Jeep!

Sarah: Really? What kind?

Billy: A sweet little Rubihara.
by Dave to pay September 30, 2011