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D:The act of taking ones penis and rubbing another man's/tranny's penis with it.

H: Rubbing dinks is a crutial component of swordplay and is often a prelude to docking ships and other fantastic homoerotic activities.

Uses: The term "rubbing dinks" can be used in one's daily life as a creative substitute for more colorful remarks.
Example 1:

A:"Did those guys leave alrerady? I haven't seen them in a few hours. Do you know where they are?"

R:" They're probably rubbing dinks"

Example 2:
"Oh man, I'm so bored right now... Hey, do you guy's want to rub dinks?"

Example 3:

"You guy's have got to stop rubbing dinks!"

Example 4:

"I hate those guys, they're a bunch of dink rubbers!"
by Golomir July 25, 2009
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