A person of German descent who loves to party, listen to music - particularly the Counting Crows - while maintaing a job at Applebees and/or MTV, and a very good GPA at a private University.
Look at you pulling a Rowley - you drunk ass Einstein.
by Steven Walsh March 17, 2007
Top Definition
town north of Boston where you're either a rich snob or a redneck towny. Known for having a Market Basket and McDonalds
"I'm from Rowley"
"North Carolina?"
"No, Massachusetts"
"oh... where's that?"
by Adam Who June 30, 2009
a wrestler from alabama, texas spent most of the 90's in japan wrestling the well known wrestler sand dog, where there final bout took them up to the sand dunes of west virginia. Unfortuatly lost to him after taking the world famous dog shot to the face,

has not been heard of since but supposedly is lost in wales, completely blind drunk, telling innocent welsh people about glorious hyper value bargains!!

is supposedly looking for sand dog for a rematch
Black rose, sand dog, rowley's bargains, hyper value
by Black Rose January 22, 2006

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