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Where you park if you want to get rowdy. Originally stemmed from gravel parking lots which gave restaurant goers a reason and excuse to behave inappropriately within the restaurant. Now, the Rowdy Lot is more of a state of mind. This state, however is not (as many believe) influenced by drugs or alcohol. This state is achieved by being creative, witty and original and attempting to get away with mischievous or outrageous acts by blaming them on your parking in the Rowdy Lot.
Melvin just flipped the table for no reason! He must have parked in the Rowdy Lot.

Guy 1: "Dude, why did you just throw that knife in the wall?"
Guy 2: "It's okay, I parked in the Rowdy Lot."
by FLIPtheTABLE**NOW February 21, 2012