a forward arm rotation movement preformed whilst overtaking another car.
by jonesy January 31, 2003
Top Definition
The method most endangered African refugees use to escape militia.
Row the boat, left at the tree!
by Mr Grayham Johnson May 23, 2008
To keep it going; party on; to endure; or to move on to something new.
It's about to be a crazy weekend. Row the boat! / Hey, I gotta go do something right now. Row the boat! / Sorry to hear that, hope it all works out. Row the boat. / That event was lame. Let's row the boat!
by mindbloque May 23, 2015
When someone sits between two men and "rows the boat" with their "oars."
hey, did you hear that weber likes to row the boat?
by bill April 03, 2003
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