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The Row Sham Bow is the act of two people kicking each other in the balls until one of them is left crying on the ground, the person standing is the winner (usually the winner is the person that goes first)
Person 1: Hey *insert name* I'll Row Sham Bow you for the last piece of pizza, SHOTGUN GOING FIRST!

Person 2: you're on

.... Two seconds later person 2 is lying half dead on the floor clutching his groin crying...

After person 1 has finished the pizza he calls an ambulance
#shotgun #pain #groin #dead #hospital
by Peter Papamatheou December 13, 2007
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The pointless game where 2 men take turns kicking each other in the testicles to see who lasts the longest. Often used to settle an argument.
In south park:
Cartman: No you gave the walkie talkie to us
Robert Smith: Fine then we'll rowshambow for it
Robert Smith: *Kicks Cartman in testicles*
Cartman: *Falls down onto ground*
#rowshembo #rowshambough #testicles #pointless #game
by AlexH2008 April 28, 2008
1) To totally flip out on somebody in a cool way. Sometimes accompanied by a Shilelah
OMG, Jon just ROW SHAM BOW'd that kid with his SHILELAH
by Jon August 18, 2004
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