used to identify a pole (or polack) in a crowd of people
The real winner is that roundhead over there.
by johnnieboy July 17, 2006
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a fellow who is completely bald, or the head itself. So called because such a head looks round. Such guys may be labeled as nerds or outcasts, on account of their ugly heads.
Kenny,Kevin,Tom,Jamie,Matt,Robert,William,Uriah,Harun,and Jim all had their heads shaved,so now they're roundheads. They stink and look ugly,but as long as they're content,so be it.
by JMC70 November 28, 2016
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Usually inebriated, bug eyed idiot that you let hang around for the humor factor.
I do not feel like flirting with a child enticement felony tonight. Thanks for that last night Nelson, you Roundhead!
by (RG) December 07, 2016
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