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Or R.T.S.
It's lazyness applied to problems.
When there is something that you could solve very easily, by a simple action, but you simply don't.
The problem usually becomes very complicated, and it may loose the state of things where it is solved by a simple action, ending in havoc.
Procrastinators are very good at creating such a situations.
-Ey... Why don't you just throw that tofu away? It's been a week already, and this place seriously stinks
-You are right, I should.
-This is literally a R.T.S.

-Say, dude, why don't you tell Laura it's over? she is falling for you, and you don't care about her. Plus you are already into Amanda.
-You are right, I should. But I don't wanna hurt Laura.
-You will, eventually... god this is so a Rotting Tofu Situation.
by Martobe March 01, 2010
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