School for the socially challenged. Otherwise known as a school of engineering. Most Rose-Hulman students spend their four years at the school much like they did in all the years leading up to it - Not getting laid. But unlike the idiots they went to high school with, these nerds get rich and so bitches become relatively easy to obtain. The school also has female students that become more attractive as your time away from the rest of society increases.
Girl: "I just married me a Rose-Hulman graduate"
Girl's Friend: "You go girlfriend, remember who your friends are when you start blowing all his cash. Told you those fake tits would pay for themselves"
by sceadu October 23, 2006
Top Definition

To pay $48,000 a year to get your ass handed to you every day.
Guy 1: "I just graduated. Man it was tough getting Rose-Hulmaned for four years."

Guy 2: "That's why I went to the Purdue. So, you want fries with that?"
by alargefemaledog May 03, 2009
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