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Roscofius Flevo ( Ross Ko-feeus;Flee-Vo)- Who is Roscofius Flevo? The question can be asked countless times? A Painter,philosopher,musician,poet,designer, some would dare to call him a Renaissance Man of his time. "The embodiment of the brand"- Nick Zepf (CFO). Apparently Roscofius Flevo is a designer for a new clothing company Embrace The Culture, a contemporary streetwear label from Germany based in the U.S..... His true identity is kept under wraps and is only seen by few people because as he is continually traveling in search of the answers to the nothingness of things, the true underlying and unmistakable nature we call culture.....
Who Is Rosco Flevo?

" Skizoo! "


"he is something like that tootsie pop question,... the world may never know"

"I hear he stopped going by day light savings time and now his 10 A.M. morning is when the sun rises"
by Terry Troff November 14, 2009
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