Girl with huge boobs really is dumb but in a good way plus nice ass.
corpus Rosa
by Josh 117 October 06, 2011
The bitch that manages the apartment complex next to your house. The bitch that whenever someone does something like, throw a couch in her dumpster, throw cigarette buts in her driveway, or a dog shits on her lawn, she automatically comes knocking on your door blaming you. When it 100% isn't you, or your dog. The cunt that has 50+ tenants but blames you.
"Thay cum guzzling gutter slut Rosa came over here again today to blame me for the dick up her ass, so i told her off and slammef the door in her face"
by infamousbigrob October 03, 2013
to Rosa:

When you claim a seat that you are going to sit in, you shout out "I Rosa that seat", therefore clarifying to everyone around you that you are going to sit in that seat.

A reference to the legendary Rosa Parks sitting in a white mans seat.
Guy 1: Hey man i rosa that seat!
Guy 2: Oh sorry i will find another seat.....
Lady 1: Excuse me but i rosa-ed that seat a couple minutes ago
Lady 2: Oh im very sorry lemme get my stuff and move......
by Zak [WAMFK] September 29, 2006
To approach with rapid fire spanish declarations of love, followed by gibberish and an ending with a classic nonsense pseudo-spanish culinary reference.
Rosa! Mi Amor! Ah la nina de mi corazon! Que Pasa! Mi corazon quiere tu mucho! Ah la loca de la nina y mi nino quiere el amor para todo de la mundo!...Enchilada?

Maia: ...I've just been Rosa'd, haven't I?
by obsessiforge January 19, 2008
the name of my mexican house cleaner who likes to greet me with empanadas and small mexican candies she keeps in her shirt

i love her:)
girl one: i loooove your sweater!
girl two: oh thanks! my super cool rosa made it last night;)

guy one: yo im having the craziest munchies..
guy two: oh tell rosa she'd be happy to give you an empanada she just made and some candy from mexico
by ariiiiiiiiiba January 26, 2010
a whore that steals boyfriends and is very manly and very large, is very ugly and not friendly has nappy hair and smelly breath. Has a twin that is much prettier then her
EW who is that? OH wait it's just Rosa
by momacita December 21, 2010
A girl who likes every boy she see's.She hates people named Jameal and somthines can be very angry because she doesent have enough makeup on to cover her bushy eyebrows.Mostly a mexican name.her dad might be black and her mom mexican and a different background for basically she is a mut..If u like very hairy dogs and hate a Jameal then u r in luck....
Nick I:that girl over there...the hairy one...I can tell by her mutness that she is a rosa...
by Nick I July 25, 2009

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