RORY: Anglicized (Irish, in this case) form of RUAIDHRÍ (or RUAIRÍ/RUARAIDH/ RUARIDH, which are originally from the Norwegian). The name originates with 'Ruaidri mac Tairrdelbach Ua Conchobair' or 'Rory O'Connor, a king of Connacht' and the last High King of Ireland who died in 1198. It is a common name in Irish and Scottish cultures.

Ruaidhri means "red king" from the Irish ruadh, "red" combined with rí, "king."


RORAL: (Ro"ral) a. L. ros, roris, dew. Of or pertaining to dew; consisting of dew; dewy. Rare
RORATION: (Ro*ra"tion) n. L. roratio, fr. rorare to drop dew, fr. ros dew. A falling of dew. Rare
RORIC: (Ro"ric) a. L. ros, roris, dew. Of or pertaining to dew; resembling dew; dewy.
RORIC FIGURES (Physics), Figures which appear upon a polished surface, as glass, when objects which have been near to, or in contact with, the surface are removed and the surface breathed upon — also called Moser's images.
RORID: (Ro"rid) a. L. roridus, fr. ros, roris, dew. Dewy; bedewed. Rare
RORIFEROUS: (Ro*rif"er*ous) a. L. rorifer; ros, roris, dew + ferre to bear: cf. F. rorifère. Generating or producing dew. Rare
RORIFLUENT: (Ro*rif"lu*ent) a. L. ros, roris, dew + fluens, p. pr. of fluere to flow. Flowing with dew. Rare - from L. roris, dew + fluere, to flow
RORIS (Ro"ris): Of water, dewdrops, moisture or teardrops.
RORULENT: (Ro"ru*lent) a. L. rorulentus, from ros, roris, dew. 1. Full of dew or abounding in dew. Rare; 2. (Zoöl.) Having the surface appearing as if dusty, or covered with fine dew.
RORY: (Ro"ry) a. L. ros, roris, dew. Dewy. Rare. “…and shook his wings with rory May-dew wet.”

Rory Calhoun (actor)
Rory O'Conner (a king of Ireland)
by RC135 March 21, 2009
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BEST PERSON EVER!!! Rory is the kind of person who will be there no matter what. He has support flowing out his ass hole. He is very smart and conciders all around him. He is very respectful and will make BEAUTIFUL BABIES!
Rory's AMAZING! Cale's a FAG!
by reeeeeba January 27, 2011
To be the human version of google.
"Whats the difference between raptors and t-rexes?"
"I don't know. Rory it."
by raptorwomen July 10, 2010
Rorys are extremely attractive, with a really hot body and a massive dick. Usually hanging out with his guy friends, he'll completely cut them off no matter what just so he can be with a girl. A lot of girls fall for Rory, but only every blue moon does he keep one, cause he's extremely picky about his women. He's also very smart, sensitive and supportive, but can be lazy, easily angered, unmotivated and shy. Rory's usually have high intellect for their age, and can be very creative.
Some blonde: Oh my god did you hear about Hayley? She hooked up with Rory last night
Other chick: Hah, yeah, I did a week ago, he's got the biggest cock.
Another Chick: are you guys talking about that shy guy over there?
Some Blonde: yeah
Another Chick: I thought he was a Rory, I mean just look at that ass!
by George Frond April 17, 2013
A smart, charming individual with a unique charisma that causes all the girls within the building to be unnaturally attracted to him, but not in a romantic way. All relationships end in the friend zone and there are no escapes.

IF a hot girl likes a Rory, she will not admit it because, despite said charisma and charm, she would feel embarrassed to associate herself with him in public/around close family due to his being a little husky. Hence, Rory will stay in the Friend Zone regarding that person until Rory dies.
Sources: personal experience(s)
Other notes: Despite constantly being friend-zoned, Rory does truly care but feels sad that he will be Forever Alone forever.
"Hey, who is that guy? I feel strangely attracted to him and ashamed of it at the same time!"
"Oh... that's Rory. We're......friends."
by 8bit anarchy October 24, 2011
Someone who dies a lot. Derived from the character of the same name in British sci-fi show Doctor Who, who died a lot, but at the time of writing is still somehow alive.
Oh my god, you killed Rory! You bastard!
by SuperMsIdris June 12, 2011
A super cool guy who gets mainly short and cute Korean girls. He is super smart and will have a bright future, thats if he doesn't turn to drugs. He can make anything work. He has many friends who respect him. He is very sexy and funny.
"Dude, Rory just got that new Asian chick"
by BaeSlayer99 January 29, 2015
1. Verb

To accidentally block someone's path when walking in a group, by unintentionally drifting in front of them.

2. Noun

A person who commits the act of rorying
Man, rory is such a rory!
I know the other day he kept on rorying me!
by Anus McGee August 19, 2013

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