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Elma highschool's, Hardcore, Kick-Ass, Name-Taking Student Section. The mission of the Elma High School Rooter's Roost is to psychologically cripple the minds of any opposing force willing to stand toe to toe with Elma High School Athletics and help our athletes en route to victory. We Promote Random Gestures and espically grunting at odd and inappropriate times. No one is alone in the roost one member begins yelling random noise the rest shall follow suit. Also, we enjoy spelling random words instead of the usual E-A-G-L-E-S. As a personnal favorite i like "give me a T-O-A-S-T".
Strollin: Roost Will we ever stop?
Rooters Roost: No! We want sum moe, we want sum moe! OR
While other team is shooting a free throw....
Scott: BEES!!!!
Rooters Roost: (Begin to act as though being attacked by swarming bees)
by Hayden_Merkt#12 February 08, 2010
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