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When one defecates from the top of a ladder onto someone beneath it. The feces hypothetically reaches room temperature once it strikes the recipient. Popularly used as a form of punishment.
Tom: Hey Jeff, it's Tom! What's goin' on?

Jeff: Tom, you didn't match your numbers for this quarters counts.

Tom: Don't worry about it, I'll get 'em done later.

Jeff: You were supposed to have them done yesterday.

Tom: So? You think I care? Have Mike do it then.

Jeff: That's it Tom, get under the ladder.

Tom: C'mon Jeff, please don't.

Jeff: Too bad, under the ladder!

Tom: No, Jeff! Please! I didn't mean it!

Jeff: *grunts*



Ralph: Hey Tom... whew... you smell bad.

Tom: Yeah... I got a Room Temperature Jeffrey yesterday.

Ralph: What's that?
#jeffrey #jeffery #ladder #dominance #defecation #punishment #giraffe
by UrbanProphet July 28, 2009
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