A shortened term of the word "rookie", a synonym to "noob". Meaning of no talent or knowledge of what they are doing.
That was a horrible play

by strue14 October 23, 2007
Top Definition
A person that is regarded as being soft,weak or a pussy.
Hey man my back hurts ....stop being a rook
by beers1234 May 27, 2016
A piercing of the upper outer ear cannal.
My rook is itching like crazy, but if I don't stop scratching, it may get infected.
by Nikkki June 14, 2004
a derogatory term derived from the word "rookie"


1: someone who is easily scammed or cheated out of money, usually involving drug deals.
2: A person that ruins or forgets something. Again usually drug related.
3. Anyone who buys a five sack.
4. Someone who doesn't know better, or is just ignorant.
i'm going to pinch a nug of this rook's herb because he doesn't know what a good ounce looks like.

zach is such a rook for forgeting to bring his lighter
by L75195880H May 02, 2004
When someone enjoys swimming in aquarium tanks filled with liquor until it makes them puke all over their mattress. This also includes having T-Rex hair style and participating in banter and lads hour. Another characteristic of a rook is to fuck as many girls as possible whether they may be questionable or not and to wake up in the morning not knowing where you are. Rook's also tend to have red face and cracky skin/lips.

"Did you see that freak last night?"
"Who the guy with the red face?"
"Ya he was trying to get me to sleep with him!"
"Oh! What a Rook!"
by Cuatros April 10, 2009
to cheat, deceive (perhaps from the rook, a bird that shares a reputation for stealing with other corvids)
He was ready to rook the old man, but ran when confronted.
by The Return of Light Joker March 10, 2011
the way Scoobie Doo says 'look'
"Rook over there, Shaggie"

"Scooby, I'm so fucking high I don't know where I am, but I think I am currently shitting on Velma's face"

by every1 hates me...lol August 27, 2008
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