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A beautiful girl who is confident in everything she does. Ronnika's are normally the sexiest females you'll ever meet. She is also spritually incline and multi talented. Poetry is her zeal.
Ronnika never think she is better then the next person and she's never afraid to get dirty. She's plays sports, and she's actually good at it.
1. In order to get ahead, you have to be Ronnika about it.
2. I wish I was Ronnika.
3. All eyes are on Ronnika everytime she walks into a room.
by Dominant female August 07, 2008
Ronnika usually is a very beautiful, confident woman. She isn't afraid to her dirty. Is a very passionate, sexually lover. Has a personality that will get you. Understanding. Be careful, can get into your head. Most likely easy to fall in love with. But very beautiful.
All eyes are on ronnika.
Ronnika has a nice body.
Gosh, ronnika has a big booty
by Onlyiwillknow May 01, 2016
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