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A. Promiscous, middle-class debutante male that roams the bars looking for easy pussy, alerts bitches to his intentions by flashing RUD's. B. A man-whore will no hope of reform.
Damn, last week Roner slayed 5 bitches at sodomy lair.
by Lil Kris February 01, 2005
An erection that has popped up for no reason. It has randomly come up. Random+Boner=Roner.
Friend A: Dude, what did you think of that math test?
Friend B: It would have been fine, if I didn't keep getting roners.
by popman December 07, 2010
a random boner, when one is unaware of their erection
I got up to go to the chalk board and I realized that I had a roner!
by Z-money Ssadab November 06, 2007
When one shits in his or her pants, producing a large lump seen from behind as a rear boner.
Hey Ben, that's a mean roner you're sportin' there! Damn it smells....did you shit in your pants? Next time, call me and I can come cover your class for 15.
by TravellerBeyond January 06, 2010
A Roner (row-ner) is a random boner.
I was sitting on the couch walking Sportscenter when all of a sudden I popped a Roner.
by RufusDude July 01, 2010
A random and spontaneous boner caused by nothing in particular.
John popped a roner on his way to school today.
by AJG323 January 17, 2012
An erection that does not have a precursor.
During a presenation on the real estate market Scott was surprised to see he had a roner since there was no obvious stimulant that would arouse him.
by DonE BDS February 28, 2010