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The Romanov send-off or just RSO, is an unfortunate method of killing someone/thing of Royalty in a rather messy manner which resembles how Russia's Romanov line was ended way back in the summer of 1918.

A true Romanov send-off consists of the "Romanover"; the person/thing comitting the act, and the "Romanov"; someone/thing to be soon recieving the RSO. The "Romanover", to properly commit an RSO, must don a ridiculously large furry hat, whalst shouting in Russian, or some gibberish that sounds Russian. The person/thing comitting the RSO will now begin the RSO by shooting the subject multiple times, running the subject over with a car, pouring acid on the subject, and finishing off by setting what remains of the "Romanov" on fire for a seering flambé finish...

The subject who has recieved a correct RSO could rightfully be referred to as "Romanoved".
Vinny was a being a wet towel at the party... so we gave ol' Vinny a Romanov send-off.
by Crissan December 06, 2010

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