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This is not referring to the fine delicacies of many Romanian Delis. It is a direct reference towards what is inside a Romanian boy's shorts. It is usually used as an insult because most Romanian Meat is little in quantity. Upon viewing a picture of Romanian Meat a microscope is always necessary. Often a boy with Romanian Meat is a Romaniac. Even though Romanian Meat is far from being fantabulous they don't hesitate to show you.
John: Hey babe wanna see my Romanian Meat?

Sally: Errr no?

John: Aww come on girl!

(John Flashes Romanian Meat at Sally)

*Long awkward and silent pause*

John: You likey?

Sally: Haha sorry I couldn't see anything...what was I looking for? A Tic-Tac?

by John's friendly neighbor April 12, 2008
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