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Romance is any affectionate act that takes place between lovers, wherein one partner woos the other. It can serve as foreplay, though not necessarily; it's aimed at the emotions rather than just the sex drive. It is used to establish and maintain intimacy and emotional closeness in a sexual relationship.
Anything from simply expressing your love for the other, to taking them out for an evening activity, can serve as romance.
by fatbloke27 April 28, 2012
when you and your partner can understand eachother completely without saying a word, and then having a threesome with an animal
Anu is romance
by freakonature2012 May 26, 2012
A beautiful name for a baby girl who is surrounded by love from the minute she is born.

Not another Jessica, Stacey or Megan.
Lacey: What did they name her?

Leinad: Romance.

Lacey: What a pretty unique name.
by rev22 September 15, 2010
romance = disco balls.
"disco balls, theyre the most romantic thing i can possibly think of!"

"the epitomy of romance"
by JerseyF May 09, 2010
Romance is the process by which a woman charges the highest possible price for sex.
Their romance is going nowhere; he hasn't even bought her a box of chocolates.
by Rowdy the Realist September 26, 2009
What guys do to get the panties!
No romance without finance!
by Natural Beauty143 March 22, 2010
fucking like rabbits. This is what us guys think when the word romance is spoken
I'm going to romance you all night. AKA Im going to Fuck you like a rabbit all night
by MVPBrady November 08, 2009
What guys give to girls so they don't feel like they are giving it away for free.
Carla is upset when Turk doesn't rub her feet (Romance) before doing the nasty.
by LifeHax September 30, 2007