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A Roman Clipper is when a lady reveals her fat ass flaps that sway in the wind. You then becoma a brave Roman soldier and gather the courage to penetrate her somewhat hard to find vaginal hole that is hard to find past her flaps. with a subtle yet forceful penetrating motion you fist her and pinchthe inside of her vagina. with her gasping for more you pull out your roman sword and finish yourself off
The King Dogg: What did you get up to last night? you left so early.
Sir Purrs: I Left with that lady last night. She had fat ass clippers so i had no other option but to give her the old Roman Clipper.

I soldiered on with her large clippers and gave her a Roman Clippers
#roman #clippers #roman clippers #pussy #dirty
by Sir Purrss June 28, 2011
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